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Être jeune au Burkina Faso et au Luxembourg

    La parole est aux jeunes
  • Dans le cadre de l’Année européenne pour le développement, Action Solidarité Tiers Monde (ASTM),     Frères des Hommes et SOS Faim ont le plaisir de vous convier à une soirée théâtre avec  la troupe ARCAN en provenance du Burkina Faso et avec les élèves du lycée Bel-Val. Être jeune au Luxembourg, qu’est-ce que cela signifie ? Quels sont les problèmes qu’on rencontre ?

Artist Portfolios ~ I Create

Series called 'I Create', Italian Artist/Poet/Writer Maristella Angeli is introduced featuring her works sharing her views of the creative process she endeavours to produce her art via her studio. Maristella recites one of her poems.   The video has segments that are Italian, French and English. 

Featured on: http://lifeandlegends.com/category/video/page/2/


Can the art join the world? Certainly the artists fail to perceive themselves, and to share their own experience with the universal artistic language. The art is the most important way to express the human inwardness. Since forever, it tells the time, world, life of an artist, their most personal thoughts, processing and emotions painted with colors, as with words engraved from the soul, over canvases that are testimonies to all of this.  Also, including other art forms, such as music, the art of writing, poetry or theater, all contribute to this magic. The ingenious idea of Roxanne Brousseau-Félio, brings together a feeling of the artist and the interpreter. This video story shares the experience and awareness among  artists across the global community. Certainly, the most important thing is the purity of how the artist creates, the innate talent that propels us as artists by sharing our  “paths in evolution”.
Thanks Roxanne!
Maristella Angeli


This is such an insightful and sensitive video with beautiful photography of Maristella's paintings! Quite awesome to see Maristella in action and to hear her recite her poetry! 

Well done to both of you!! :-) ~ Nicci, Artist, Vienna, Austria.  

Molto bello,complimenti.  ~ Gianfranco Fedeli, Italy 

Bello! complimenti a Roxanne e, naturalmente, alla protagonista Maristella.

E' un video meraviglioso! Complimenti per il tuo lavoro e per la tua sensibilità artistica. Un abbraccio.

Luisa Conte

Veramente bellissimo e coinvolgente, sia il video che i quadri in esso racchiusi!

Complimenti alla nostra amica artista e auguri per una proficua ( ... in tutti i sensi!!!) carriera!

Loredana Micozzi e tutta la tribù!!

Complimenti Maristella, è un video molto bello: un omaggio alla tua Arte.

Una buona serata

Emanuele Marcuccio

Ci fai vedere e ascoltare...mirabilia, cara Maristella
Non smettere questo cammino di colori e di passioni che portano soltanto alla..felicità del cuore e dell'anima
Un abbraccio
Gavino Puggioni

Enza De Paolis Artista

ciao Maristella

francesca furin Premium Artista

Molto, molto bello.

ENZO PIROZZI Premium Artista


Nena Z Artista

Bello, complimenti! Brava Maristella e chi ha fatto il video!


Complimenti, molto bello.

Vittorio Pasotti Premium Artista


Nanouk Reicht Premium Art lover

Magnifique Maristella ! J'aime beaucoup !!!

catherine burg Artista

Compliments !!

Rudolf Lichtenegger Premium Artista


Teresa Palombini Premium Artista

E' un bel percorso!!

Pyer Premium Artista

Complimenti Maristella x il video fatto a regola d'arte--- complimenti x il susseguirsi in modo perfetto delle tue opere ---complimenti x l'amore che nutri verso l'arte, e avendoti vista in video, ipoteticamente ti stringo la mano, e dico che è un onore e un piacere conoscerti!!!!!!!!!!!

patgamb Artista, 

bellissimo video !!!!

Angelo Baiunco

Ma tutto ciò è bellissimo,+Maristella Angeli! Il video ti esprime; esprime la tua arte, ciò che hai da dire e donare. Esprime il tuo mondo poetico. Buon fine settimana, carissima.


J'ai bien apprécié amie. Bon Weekend 


Bellissimo,complimenti Maristella!!! ammiro molto le tue opere.


Félicitation c'est une merveille ! Nanouk

I liked how Maristella has a real free spirit in interpreting the way she feels and sees things in her artworks, I like that!! And Rox, as usual, you've done a wonderful presentation...Great job!!

Nahrain  Michael, Iraq

Merveilleux!!! Mes félicitations chère amie,et aussi à Maristella par sa très belle et exprésive peinture!!! J'ai très bien aimé !!!

Javier Cifuentes , Chile

Book Launches 

Book launch for Romanian Author/Lecturer Carmen-Francesca Banciu featuring her upcoming translated book called Mother's Day ~ Song of a Sad Mother

The video is produced in English and German.

Featured on:


Berlin Publishing House Palm Art Press


Roxanne Brousseau Felio is a Canadian Artist based in Ottawa and the Art Director of the E-Magazine ‪http://levurelitteraire.com/. Roxanne is a sensitive, gifted artist with a deep understanding of fiction, poetry, and human nature. I dare to say, she is a poet herself who is finding her way of expression through color and images.

Although we never met in real life, via internet we had the opportunitiy to have an important mutually inspiring experience collaborating together and knowing each other´s work. We developed an artistical dialog, a fruitful, valuable idea exchange while discussing the video-poem-project.

Roxanne created refreshing associations and a powerful visual language for my novel, for which I'd like to express my gratitude and admiration.

I recommend Roxanne as a competent, talented, reliable and profound artist, who can give you the appropriate suggestions, ideas and transform your project into a motion-pictures-expression with her creativity.

Please enjoy the wonderful video poem created by Roxanne for my novel Mother´s Day - Song of a Sad Mother. 

https://vimeo.com/120415651 (English)

https://vimeo.com/120419677 (German)

International Project COMING SOON with PalmArtPress (Germany, US)

by Carmen-Francesca BANCIU (Germany, Romania)

Featured on Berlin Publishing House Palm Art Press

Academic Lecture/Presentations

Presentation/lecture for published Author/Poet/Professor  Rodica Draghincescu's University France/USA tour on the theme entitled: "Writing (at) the Border: The Artist as Border-Crosser" Words, Sounds and Meaning.  From Ulysses, the Border Man, to… Alice in European Union Land.



Videopoem  The West Will Be For Tomorrow performed/recited in French by Poet Rodica Draghincescu (with subtitles in English) for France/NewYork tour.  

Featured on http://lifeandlegends.com/category/video/